By making an online reservation with EasyGo either through email or telephone, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted the following Terms & Conditions.

An individual must be over 18 years old in order to make a reservation. Reservations can be done through email, telephone or through The individual making the booking is solely responsible for the provided personal data within the contract. Except when stated otherwise, all bookings must be guaranteed with a valid credit card in order to secure a reservation. Once a reservation has been confirmed, EasyGo will confirm the reservation back in writing through email. 

A reservation is confirmed only when the system administrator has approved the reservation.

We treat your personal data as strictly confidential and shall not pass on your personal data to third parties. We take reasonable efforts to ensure that your credit card information and personal data are kept safe.

Confirmation Email – Clients are required to notify us if they do not receive the confirmation email or if they find that the booking details are incorrect. The confirmation email will contain all the details of the reservation. We reserve the right to change these terms & conditions at any time. Any such alterations will take effect when published on our website.

As utilized herein, the terms “you”, “your” and “passenger(s)” refer to the individual named in the booking as well as all individuals on whose behalf a reservation was made or any other individual to whom a reservation is transferred.


By making a reservation, you confirm that all the information you have provided is accurate, including names, pick up details, dates, debit or credit card information. If you wish to make any alterations to the details provided, it is your responsibility to get in touch with us and request for the changes that you would like.

We will make reasonable effort to find as well as correct any omissions and errors as fast as possible. Nevertheless, obvious errors may occur from time to time. In such an instance, we reserve the right to terminate that booking without any liability to you. Neither you nor any 3rd party shall utilize the contents of our website in any way that constitutes an infringement of the rights of EasyGo including any alteration, subsequent publication as well as complete or partial representation or reproduction of the same without our express consent in writing.


All vehicles that are utilized for transfers are adequately inspected as well as insured in accordance with Belgium laws. The transfer provider guarantees that the transfer will be professionally done and in accordance with the transportation regulations and laws of Belgium.


During the transfer period, the chauffeur will wait the customer at the arranged airport pickup location for no more than one hour from the flight arrival time. The waiting time period from any other location shall be no more than fifteen minutes after the arranged time. If you cannot find your chauffeur at the meeting location, if you are held up by immigration, customs, lost luggage or baggage collection, you are required to contact the driver by calling the emergency telephone number provided within the reservation confirmation email.

If you do not call the emergency telephone number within one hour of the actual plane landing time for collections at airports and within fifteen minutes for collections at other locations aside from airports, and for this reason, the service provider is unaware of the issue, this will be regarded as a no show and you agree to pay the total cost of the reserved service as well as waiting time.


If you plan to travel with extra luggage, please let us know when you are making your reservation. This is to make sure that we provide a vehicle that can comfortably accommodate you. The customer(s) will be responsible for all expenses incurred in the event that extra vehicles are required to move non-declared oversized or excess luggage.


You may request additional services during the reservation process. Whenever possible baby/child seats will be made available if requested, nevertheless provision of such seats may not be possible in certain rare instances, for instance as a result of unanticipated vehicle substitution at the last minute. Please bear in mind we do not assure that the baby/child seats provided will fit your child perfectly.

The distance and journey time provided are for the purposes of planning only. You might discover that events such as traffic, weather or construction projects might cause conditions to vary from the published details, and you should factor this in when planning your trip.  The images and pictures of the vehicle model and make depicted on the quotation page are for purposes of illustration only and we do not assure that these precise vehicles will be made available by the transport service provider. We do not warrant the appropriateness of a specific service for your needs and EasyGo will not be held liable for your choice.


You guarantee that the payment information you have provided us with are both accurate and valid, that the debit or credit card you use belongs to you and that it has sufficient credit facilities or funds to cover the service charges and fees. The transport service provider processes all payments (debit/credit card or cash). If you decide to pay the chauffeur, please make sure that you have sufficient funds to do so, in local currency, except when stated otherwise within your booking voucher.


We collect your credit card information to secure your reservation. We utilize SSL (secure sockets layer) technology to protect your credit card information thus your credit card details are totally secure. SSL encryption is an encryption technology which creates a secure connection between a web server and your web browser.


You can alter your reservation online up to forty eight hours prior to the arrival or pickup time. After this time, you must directly contact the service provider by calling the telephone number provided within your reservation voucher.

You must submit any alterations to your booking through email utilizing the information contained in your confirmation email.

You cannot make cancellation or amendment requests with the chauffeur.


Cancellations will not be charged if they are made at least twelve hours prior to the planned transfer pickup time for cash reservations and twenty four hours prior to the planned transfer pickup time for long distance transfers (more than 100 kilometers), bus transfers, tours, and custom transfers. After this time you must directly contact the service provider by calling the telephone number provided within your reservation confirmation email.

If for some reason we cannot provide the service you requested, and consequently you reservation needs to cancelled, we will inform you about this as quickly as possible by sending you an email through the email address you provided. By making a reservation with us, you agree and accept to pay the total cost of the reserved service in the event of a cancellation that falls within the payable cancellation time period.


If you cannot find your driver at a particular pick up location, call the dispatch office at this number: +32 485 60 21 10 and we will help you find your driver. If you do not call before you leave, you will be required to pay a no show fee (the total price of the ride). If you fail to contact us, the chauffeur will wait for you up to one hour at usual pickups after the planned pickup time. After that, we will try to contact you via your contact person’s telephone, your home telephone or your cell phone depending upon the nature or type of pickup.

If we are not able to hear from you as a result of no signal, the call is not answered, not providing a phone number when making a booking, activated voice mail or poor connection, we will release the vehicle afterwards and you will be required to pay a no show fee (the total price of the ride) in addition to any charges for waiting time. To authorize the chauffeur to wait please contact the office by telephone to approve his wait. If the time frame elapses and we have not heard from you, we will get in touch with you once more, if no contact is established, you will be required to pay for the ride in addition to any charges for waiting time. Thus, A “No Show” fee equals the cost of the trip in addition to any wait time charges if the passenger does not show up at the designated pick-up location. If you are not able to find your chauffeur, please call this number: +32 485 60 21 10 in order to avoid paying a no show charge. Also, this applies to circumstances wherein the customer has mistakenly booked the wrong time or date. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all data is entered appropriately.


If you fail to catch your flight (or miss any other transportation means) as a result of bad road conditions or traffic jams which are no fault of  EasyGo, please understand that we cannot be held responsible for delays, cancellation or changes of services as a result of force majeure, or as a result other circumstances which are unpredictable or beyond the control of the service provider, for example accidents suffered by 3rd parties on the journey route, acts of terrorism police checkpoints, extreme weather conditions and so forth. If the delay is caused by the service provider (for example no gas, flat tire, the driver’s negligence, late arrival and so forth), your loss will be compensated for.


The English version of these terms & conditions can be rendered into other languages however no rights can be attained in the rendered version. In the event of a dispute arising due to the content or rendering of these terms & conditions, or discrepancies and inconsistencies between the French rendering, and any other rendering, the English language is the foremost and referent version. You can find the English version on our website (after you have selected the English language).


We respect your privacy and take protecting it very seriously. We guarantee not to disclose your personal data and credit card information to 3rd parties without your prior permission. We have taken extra precaution to make sure that your personal details and credit card information are well protected. We utilize SSL (secure sockets Layer) encryption technology and your personal data is completely secure. Also, only employees and collaborators who are specifically authorized can have access to your personal data.


In line with the above stated terms & conditions, we will only be held responsible for direct damages you have incurred or suffered when we fail to comply with obligations which are connected to our services.                                                                                                                      

EasyGo and any of the companies affiliated to us and/or our officers, employees, agents or directors involved in creating, promoting, sponsoring or other content development cannot and will not be held liable for any indirect or direct damages or losses, criminal liability, any inaccuracies connected to the details described on our site or loss of contracts. In cases of misbehaved or inebriated clients, the chauffeurs reserve the right to refuse embarkation to the vehicles. For these cases, no refund will be given and there might be prosecution as well as damage claims in cases of damages.