Why Booking a Private Hire Taxi Can Be Your Safest Public Transport Option During the Coronavirus Outbreak


The recent outbreak of coronavirus, or COVID-19 has everybody worried, worldwide. One of the biggest topics of conversation relating to exposure to the virus and what to do to avoid this, relates to public transport, whether it is trains, buses or taxis. The simple truth is that while the outbreak of the virus continues to affect more and more people, the world cannot come to a standstill. Life has to go on for many without change, so the only option is to take as many sensible precautions as possible to minimize your risk of becoming infected.

One of the biggest problems with travelling by train or bus is that you have to share the space with other passengers, and you are in close proximity to them. In addition, you are going to be sitting in a seat that may have been occupied by up to ten different people that day, and the same applies to public taxis, though not private hire taxis such as those from EasyGO Taxis. Now here’s the difference.

Why take a taxi from Brussels to Luxembourg?   

Rather than ‘risk’ travelling by train or catching a plane, you can opt for a private hire taxi from EasyGO taxis, and here’s why it makes perfect sense:

  • Our taxis are thoroughly cleaned and internally all surfaces are wiped down with sanitizer after every journey to ensure that there is no risk of contamination
  • Currently, every day our drivers have a quick health check which includes having their temperature taken
  • You don’t have to share your space with other passengers, unless you know them and have chosen to travel with them
  • We can collect you from your home or office, and take you to the door of your exact destination, minimizing your exposure to other members of the public

In addition to reducing your exposure to coronavirus, there are several other reasons why taking a taxi Brussels to Luxembourg or a taxi Brussels to Amsterdam makes perfect sense:

  • Travel in total comfort. Our private hire taxis are predominantly all Mercedes models, a name synonymous with quality, reliability and comfort
  • Reduced stress – with EasyGO taxis there are no last-minute cancellations or unexpected delays. We even check our intended route prior to departure to ensure there are no potential delays ahead
  • We provide a door-to-door service, and will help you with your baggage at either end
  • You can choose to travel at a time which suits you best, not at a time the train or plane operator demands you travel

We also offer airport transfers, Brussels, and shuttle services, Brussels

Of course, many of you will be travelling to and from further afield than Amsterdam or Luxembourg, so taking a taxi becomes impractical. However, you still need to get to and from the airport and the last thing you want is to either miss your flight, or spend ages waiting at the airport after a long flight to get a taxi home, especially in a taxi that has been used by so many other people that day without being cleaned.

You don’t even need to live in Brussels either to take advantage of our shuttle services Brussels and airport taxi service Brussels, as we will come and collect you from wherever you live in Belgium and ensure that you, and all your luggage, make it safely and in plenty of time, to your check-in point at Brussels Airport.


To find out more about EasyGO’s services please get in contact with us. To get an idea of the cost of your taxi journey or to book a taxi, you can also go direct to our website here.